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Is your community being treated fairly?

Plato pointed out that all conflicts are over money. The Scottish Government has passed legislation that attempts to empower people to ensure they get "best value" services. They have devised performance indicators that are intended to measure the quality of service you are getting, however the sad fact is that many people do not see the benefits of these attempts to improve their lot.

Let's take a top-down approach

You can ask some simple questions that will help you decide whether your local authority backs the Scottish Governments initiatives. For example: Are your public services head offices housed in prime site, palatial buildings whilst "front line" services dwindle? Does your local authority claim they are "strapped for cash" and want to increase the council tax yet harbour grandiose schemes? Do you see any improvement from European funding? Does it seem that certain privileged groups get most of the available funding? Do you meet resistance when you try to get the facts about how funding is spent?


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If you find that asking these and other similar questions confirms that your community is being neglected then you should find like minded people and take advantage of the opportunities provided by your Government.

Don't put it off, start now!

You may have always wanted to take part in local community projects or start one you feel strongly about. This is possible because of the powers granted to Scotland's communities. You can make your feelings known by contacting your local community councilors and community groups. If you don't know who to contact get in touch with me at

Some further activities and information

If you share my concerns you can take the above analysis further by thinking about what is going on at your local level.

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