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Are our communities being treated fairly?

Do you trust their judgement?

The UK government's list of U-turns last month now exceeds double figures. This has convinced many people of the failure of representative democracy where private, political party and associations' interests predominate. This form of democracy permeates down from central government to countries, local authorities, cities, neighbourhoods and individuals.

Let's take a top-down approach

When some community representatives recently appealed to their MSP for help they were dismissed without explanation. The same thing happened when concerns were raised at an association of community councillors which were dismissed with "We have always done it that way".

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We have always done it that way

Has the empowerment act changed things?

Glasgow's bureaucracy want to tie up our citizens and their community councils with their rules and regulations.

Empowerment or participation can come in many guises. Sherry Arnstein's Ladder of Citizen Participation puts Glasgow on the first rung, well behind the rest of Europe.

Lithgow-Schmidt describes this strategy as:

People are placed on rubberstamp advisory committees ... for the express purpose of "educating" them or engineering their support.


Instead of genuine citizen participation, the bottom rung on the ladder signifies the distortion of participation into a public relations vehicle by powerholders.

We are at the bottom in more ways than one

Don't put it off, start now!

If you share our concerns you can take the above analysis further by thinking about what is going on at your local level.

One opportunity is that the owners of a listed tenement block could form their own association which could apply for funding.

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