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Pollokshields ward

The Scottish Government has long recognised that the unpredictability of current world economy demands a radical new model of local government. They recognise that the linear Newtonian archaic approach still advocated by some fossilised authorities won't work where large scale changes are required and that a visionary approach only works if the vision strikes a chord of harmony with things our citizens value. The CERB recommends an evolutionary bottom-up unmanaged approach where citizens are given the responsibility of renewing their country and its local authorities.

We support our Government's approach. We do not support Glasgow's approach where some officers cling to their archaic "we know best" approach and some residents believe that "its not what you know but who you know" that gets things done. We also do not support other relics of the past such as broadcasters and publishers who sacrifice their young and creative staff whilst advocating a system that is designed to resist change.

We want planners who want to find out what we want. We want councillors who are independent of local council and party politics and listen to us. We want politicians who listen to our communities, not pressure groups. We want bottom-up governance that does not start with politicians, community councillors, bureaucrats or someone else. We want change that starts with you.

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