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Questions about community councilorship
Questions about my Web site

Questions about the role of a community councilors 

Q1. What kind of problems have you dealt with as a community councilor?
A1. Basically many different problems, however I am only at liberty to discuss some of them since a few have been very delicate.
I have been asked for help with getting funding for sports clubs, resiting bottle banks, vandalism, tuition, traffic problems and discussing family problems.
I have been involved in the regeneration of communities and especially housing issues.
I have also be asked to help with punctures, jump leads and finding lost dogs!
In short a community councilor can get involved with almost any type problem that you can think off.

Questions about my Web site 

Q1. Why don't you make your web site look modern?
A1. I can best answer this by quoting the guru of Web design, Bjarne Stroustrup. He wrote:
I'm a "contents provider" not a web site designer. I can use my time on improving the contents or the looks, but not both. What looks "cool and modern" to someone is often considered bad taste by someone else. Also, fashions change fast. Very plain HTML downloads and displays faster than anything else, and many people suffer from slow connections to the web.
In addition there are many visitors that are visually impaired. They may want pages that contain larger text or different coloured text and backgrounds or even use a page reader. This means that the page content should consist of basic HTML whenever possible.
Finally when I asked people in the past whether they wanted the pages livened up they said they wanted the pages clutter free with no distractions, no adverts, no irrelevant extras and content that would not waste their time.

Q2. You don't seem to use much multimedia. Why?
A2. I agree with you. Most of the recent redesign of my Web site has been in response to comments made by people with disabilities. I try to make sure my Community Empowerment Web site maximizes accessibility. This involves striking a balance between supporting multimedia, download times, and screen readers.
Q2. Your Web site is incomplete, for example there are missing pages. Why?
A2. A week is a long time in politics. This means that I have to make sure that my pages are reasonably accurate and up to date. I am currently reworking my Web site but I rely heavily on community engagement which requires frequent walking tours throughout most of South East Glasgow and beyond. Pages will be added once I have sorted out my current responses and answers from residents and public servants from my letters and e-mails.

I reserve the right to edit the questions and change the answers depending on new legislation, regulations, technologies and visitor's needs.

Angus Quin
12th December, 2009

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